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April 22, 2002
Updated January 26, 2003
Updated November 22, 2004
Updated September 18, 2006
Updated March 23, 2007
Updated January 2008

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New January 2008: a new method to determine TGr (picture 4)

Next Seminar will take place in Koenigsfeld Germany, in spring 2011. Ask for details.

From deep in the Black Forest, January 6, 2002

Welcome! What led you to this web-page? Was it the idea of "Peaceful Energy", or "the Blue Rose", or " Gravity Machine" which struck a chord in your imagination?

Maybe one day you can visit me in the Black Forest area in the southwest corner of Germany and we will take a hike through the pine woods surrounding us with clean air and stillness. The Blue Rose began its life here in this peaceful area as a sign for non-violence.

And here you can find the first Gravity Machine, at least as far as I know, it is the first. Sure, there are power installations, which create energy out of gravity, like the generation station in La Rance in France, using the change in the water levels between high and low tides to generate electrical energy. The potential energy present in the moon circling the earth is thereby converted. Each tide slows down the moon, taking it further away from earth, a process, which in the far distant future will come to a sad end. Lovers beware!

No, my Gravity Machine is different. It also creates electrical energy, but it does this by using the chaotic, kinetic energy of millions of molecules in a gas. It is not Maxwell's demon who sorts the fast molecules from the slow ones, but a gravity fairy who creates temperature differences in a vertical column of gas. This is the starting point for creating a PERPETUUM MOBILE OF THE SECOND KIND. Since two years my Gravity Machine uses these temperature differences to generate electricity without the introduction of any energy from the outside! Not enough yet to heat my meals, but the principle counts, and time will tell! Interested? Keep reading. In the coming months this website will develop step by step. It will give you an overview over my new BOOK:

My Path to Peaceful Energy

will be available and tell you the story of the First Gravity Machine in much more detail. In case you are interested let me know your address and I will inform you when the book is available. The BOOK will contain all the information you need to build your own gravity machine. Will you be among the very first to demonstrate a PERPETUUM MOBILE OF THE SECOND KIND?

September 18, 2006:
Which member of a University Physics or Engineering Department would be interested to repeat my experiments? Let me know and I will try to give you any assistance possible. Visit one of my laboratories in the Black Forest, Germany or in Ithaca, NY, USA for a thorough discussion.

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